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Rented a couple floor scrubbers for a scrub and re coat service. When we plugged one of the machines in it started automatically injuring one of my technicians.

We reported the odd usage to the local office and were told that it was because we were using the wrong gauge extension cord. We unplugged the extension cord and plugged it in again and it started on its own again. We were working 2-hours from the location where we rented the scrubber so we opted just to use the other one which worked fine. We contacted the store and notified them of our plan not to use the faulty equipment and were assured that once returned it would be tested and if it proved defective we would not have to pay.

We were on the road for two months before we had a break, so I called the location nearest our office and asked if we could simply bring the machines in there to be tested and returned. The store obliged and we brought the machines in. Once plugged in by the Sunbelt employee the machine took off on its own in the same manner it had done at our job site. I had the technician write something on my receipt as to what he saw and he assured me that he would communicate this with his superiors.

Weeks later I receive a call as to when I am going to pay the full amount of the invoice. I relay to the caller that we had documented issues with one machine and that we would like to dispute those charges relating to the faulty piece of equipment and pay the balance once it reflected the change. The Sunbelt customer service rep (Julyana) then called me back two-weeks later to inform me that the host store was disputing the validity of our claim by stating that we never called and that he had visited the location from the work order PO and the store manager at this location told him that we were never there. We were not only there, we have signed work orders and a mandatory IVR for the days in question.

We also have a written statement from one of the employees stating that the switch was stuck when we plugged it in and this is perhaps what made the machine operate by itself. After we presented these facts, we were told that a second employee documented a shoestring on the machine that caused the malfunction and that one of my technicians placed it on the machine purposely. We were the only side with facts while Sunbelt had fairy tale rebuttals. We are currently being pressured with the threat of collections if we do not pay the amount in full.

Julyana you sounded so friendly and willing to help at first. The only company that compares to this level of manipulation and gangster thug mentality is U-haul.

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Sunbelt Rentals Verified Representative

Hello, We’re sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Our goal is to ensure that all our customers receive the equipment and support they need.

Would you please send your contact information to us via direct message so we can reach out to you directly and do what we can to make this right?

In the interim, I’ve been in touch with both of the locations managers in Evansville. Thank you, Sunbelt Rentals

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