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This outfit is connected to Lowes. Tried to rent a mini chain saw on an extendable pole to trim about 8 low hanging branches from a couple of trees.

Home Depot gets $29 for four hours. Sunbelt wanted $58 for the same time and expects you to pay $12 to buy your own chain. They obviously don't want your business that badly. Why would I want to pay DOUBLE and end up with a chain that collects dust in my shop?

For $100 I can buy a new one at Home Depot, use it once and sell it for $75 and be money ahead. Won't call them again and will likely make Home Depot my new best friend.

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Than buy one cheap ***

Duluth, Georgia, United States #809849

I would have preferred that you address the issues enumerated. Tough to do when they're all accurate I guess. I also find it interesting that it took over one year for anyone from the company to respond.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #809564

I have worked in the rental industry for 35 years.I work for sunbelt rentals.I have read reviews from formar employees and also customers. I am not saying some complaints are not true but alot of them are false.We are told that customers will be treated with the best service and equipment we have to offer.I have to say I think we get it right most of the time.I have worked at most of the stores in Indiana at one time or another.

I have worked with alot of different employees and I think everyone does a good job with customer service.If problems do come up most of the time the customer is happy when the are finished with their rental.It is not because I work for sunbelt that I have written this.The reason I wrote it is alot of people write about their bad rental experience which as I said is very small.But the customers who had a really go experience do not write about them.I know alot of other people who work for other rental companies they said they go thru the same thing.I just would appreciate it if people who do have a good rental experience would write it here also. THANKS

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