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In Louisville Kentucky I wanted a boom lift for my ham radio tower rebuild. The person (Jason) came out to my home and said that He could save me money and use a towed lift and bring it to my home.

I agreed and then requested that Jason of the company bring out the lift and set it up so I could start to work with Him running the lift. Jason said He would come but He would never show up. For three days He "jerked" me with broken promises. He would NOT respond and just disappear once his shift ended.

He claimed medical emergences but I suspect that He was really NEVER planning on coming to assist me with my antenna tower.

After three days I gave up on Sunbelt Rentals.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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To the writer of this complaint, I am a driver for sunbelt rentals in louisville ky and I just have to say that you are a complete *** at sunbelt rentals we rent equipment not operators no one here has ever or will ever operate or agree to operate equipment for you it is a liability. Second Jason worked as a dispatcher so he would never be personally bringing you anything. Third a towable lift is towable behind pretty much anything with a hitch (as long as it's not a car or a bumper mounted hitch) so you could have picked it up yourself


Did you want him to put the *** radio tower up also ?

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